Who are we ?

Zoe Glass is a company comprised of professional and experienced glass Traders recently assembled to create together a brand that will represent world-class quality of glassware at very competitive prices. With our expertise in this industry that is reflected in every inch of glass and decoration of our products, you are guaranteed with perfection that comes with a very competitive price tag in the current global market.

What we believe in

We believe that the secret behind our success is our relentless pursuit for excellence, searching for new and innovative ways to stand out in the midst of the sea of competition where uninspired and unimaginative brands are left out. And because excellence is not achieved but rather practiced, we firmly exert our efforts to excel in every little thing we do, from design planning, production, post-production, packaging, up until the delivery of our products. In this way, what we believe, which is excellence, does not only remain an abstract idea nor a figment of our objective, but a realistically achieved standard maintained by all our employees, in all our production processes.

What we offer

From professional floristry needs to personal decorative essentials, we offer a wide array of Zoe Glass Collections that will perfectly suit whatever your desires are when it comes to brightening up a corner of your office or room using the beauty of flowers and other natural decorations. With its crystal clear material, different shapes and designs that you can choose from, your flowers will never look the same again nor will your house feel the same way as it did before using Zoe Glass Collections. Bringing elegance and class into your house, the Zoe Glass Collections are the perfect vases and glassware for your needs.

What we aim to achieve

At Zoe Glass, we strive to give our customers the best that they can get with their money: world-class glassware that are strikingly-elegant, gorgeous, and durable. To achieve this, we consistently put our best foot forward in discovering new trends and relevant designs in today’s market and working closely with our designing team to keep up with the latest demands for attractive glassware. We aim to be calibrated with the newest updates in the industry in order to create new products to integrate into our Collections while maintaining the current entries in our line-up, and then distributing brochures periodically to supply our customers with options from the classic styles of vases to the latest ones.

By doing this, we can keep an eye on how we grow, how we maintain the quality of our creations, and how we innovatively provide our customers with options in a consistent manner.